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University of Arizona Global

University of Arizona Global offers students the opportunity to earn University of Arizona degree credits either online, on a local campus in a nearby city, or on the main campus in Tucson, Arizona.

Study on the Main Campus

UA looks forward to welcoming students to our main camps in Tucson, Arizona.

Study Online

UA Global Campus students may study entirely online or start online and transfer to the UA main campus when they are able.

Attend a Global Campus

UA Global Campus students study at a local campus in a city near their home and transfer to the main campus when they are able.

What is Global Campus?

Whether you are taking a UA Online Program or participating in a Degree Pathway, you will have the option to utilize a University of Arizona Global Campus locations in a city near you. The University of Arizona offers program at Global Campus locations across the globe so you can earn a full U.S. degree - or Arizona credits - in a city near you. Each location offers something special, tied to the specific location. Our locations are on university campuses, offering a full college experience, or in purpose-built student accommodations, offering a safe and engaging community where you can live and study. You choose your Global Campus Experience.

Why Enroll In UA Global?

By enrolling in UA Global students can:

Get Started On Time

Students who start on-time and graduate in 2024 will have better job and graduate school opportunities than students who defer.

Graduating in 2024 is very important. Many students will defer their studies this year. Those students will begin their studies in 2021 and graduate in 2025 making the class of 2025 much larger than normal. By starting on-time in the fall of 2020, students will graduate in 2024 with a smaller than normal class. Graduating in a smaller class means they will have better job and graduate school opportunities than students who defer and graduate in the class of 2025.

Use Time Constructively

We have all had our lives interrupted. We are all home and hoping to be back to normal soon. But for the next year when day-to-day life is expected to be much different than normal, students can use their time to further their education.

Benefits of UA Global

UA Global provides students with a world-class education now and a world of opportunities in the future. UA Global benefits:

Academic Rigor

Academically challenging University of Arizona courses.

Everywhere You Are

Whether you are studying entirely online or taking advantage of a Global Campus location near you, the University Arizona meets you where you are.

Top Tier University

The University of Arizona is a nationally ranked US University (US News #117) and the University of Arizona Online is ranked #11 in the United States.

Undergraduate Admission Criteria

Main Campus UA Online Global Campus
High School Transcript
College Transcripts If applicable If applicable If applicable
English Requirement
TOEFL 70 for most programs. 79 for Engineering and Business programs.
IELTS 6.0 for most programs. 6.5 for Engineering and Business programs.
Duolingo 100 for most programs. 105 for Engineering and Business programs.


Students can transfer to the main campus at any time once they have a visa and travel restrictions are lifted.

To study online you will need a laptop and a stable internet connection.

Students will be able to transfer credits to any fully online or Global Campus degree and earn their degree in their home country.

UA Online courses are designed for you to study at whatever times are convenient for you. If you are a Global Campus student, some of your classes may be face-to-face at a location near you.

Undergraduate Programs

Graduate Programs

MPower Finance

Student Loans for International Students

Wellspring is pleased to partner with MPower Finance to make loans available to qualified international students participating in this program. Loans are available to students:

  • Studying in the United States on a student visa
  • MaWho have two years left to complete their degree program.

Undergraduate students may seek loans to help pay for their last two years of study.

Master's Degree students may seek loans for their full course of study.


  • Loan amounts are from $2,000 to $50,000 in total ($1,000 to $25,000 per year)
  • Loans may be used to cover tuition and education-related expenses (e.g., housing, meal plans).
  • Please consult with MPower Finance with respect to the interest rate and repayment terms of your MPower Finance loan.

Please note that Wellspring does not provide or back the loans. Neither does Wellspring qualify students for the loans. Loans are issued and administered solely by MPower Finance.